Why CK Associates?

With more than 25 years of proven accomplishments for our Principals, CK Associates will provide you with the marketing strategy and sales experience to reach your customers, build product awareness and increase the demand for your products.

  • Integrity and Reputation
  • Grown market share substantially with every major line represented.
  • A long and diversified experience in the electronics industry, we celebrated or 25th year this year.
  • An established foundation of account visibility in the Military and Commercial segments of our territory
  • Sophisticated CMS which drives all opportunities from first call to purchase order
  • Established record of growth in the RF, Analog and Power space with our customers and distributors.
  • Field Sales Team (AZ/SD/OC/LA) includes degreed Engineers and veteran Sales People.
  • Long-standing relationships with customers as well as our distribution partners.
  • Committed to achieving revenue growth for our suppliers and our employees.

To learn more about CK Associates and how we can increase your sales, please give us a call today.

Corporate Profile

CK Associates is a technical sales organization that is a privately held California corporation. CK Associates consists of 14 outside and 5 inside salespeople. Our focus has been to build a synergistic line card, to support the customers in our territories.

Since CK Associates’ inception in 1982, we have had a steady growth and our charter is to continue that growth. We are staffed with highly motivated personnel, including Field Application Engineers and Distribution Sales Managers. CK serves Arizona, New Mexico and Southern California (which includes Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego and Imperial Counties), as well as Baja California (Maquiladoras).

CK Associates is unique in our ability to track functions such as customer profiles, contacts, samples, registration programs, quotes, orders and customer forecasts. We accomplish these functions using a sophisticated data base system. This enables CK to follow an opportunity from first call to design win, and ultimately to capturing the order.


Our primary objective is to be the most effective representative in the electronics industry

At CK Associates we are dedicated to:

  • Selling and marketing premium quality products.
  • Showing pride in the products and services we provide.
  • Establishing plans and priorities consistent with our Principals’ strategic objectives.
  • Building steady sales growth for our principals.
  • Providing leadership and rewards that motivate employees to practice excellence in every facet of their jobs.

We maintain strong relationships, focus and exceed the expectations of our suppliers, distributors and customers. Reputation, integrity and ethics are the foundation of our path to success.


CK Associates exercises an aggressive, professional approach to selling by emphasizing our unique product mix strategy and three fundamental sales principles:

  • Knowledge of our customers – Key contacts with employees at the engineering and purchasing levels, products they manufacture and financial health of our customers.
  • Knowledge of our products – The markets served in our territories and application specific focus approach through in-house Principal and Product Advocate training and product reviews.
  • Knowledge of the competition – Strengths and weaknesses in their products maintained through an updated library and market research.

The implementation of this selling approach along with the balance of synergistic products and our ability to adapt to the ever changing market conditions are key factors to continued success.

Outlook on Market Conditions

CK Associates has continued to look for new opportunities and expand our reach in these current market conditions. Our current customers include telecommunications, wireless communications, consumer electronics, medical, power supplies and instrumentation. Our territories have traditionally had Military / Aerospace accounts that continue to perform.

CK Associates has been successful in penetrating all the major customers in these industries. Our sales strategy and ability to adapt and keep pace with market changes has allowed us to remain a viable sales force in the industry. We maintain our optimism and continuously study emerging technologies and the products they require.

CK Associates is Founded
Founded By Gary Caito and Bob Klein, San Diego,CA
Migrated to Lotus Notes and integrated the CRM tools
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Expanded into the Orange County (OC) and Los Angeles (LA) territories
Grew to 19 employees
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Relocated the Irvine offices to New address
Expanded into the Arizona/ Nevada / New Mexico territories
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Celebrated 25 years in business
Celebrates our 35 year in business
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